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Nance Ciasca 732-687-2459  nancecoach4u@gmail.com  South Salt Lake --I work remotely
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My Vision on Body, Awareness, Movement and Spirit

August 23, 2017

Where did we as a society start believing we had to be busier to be successful? When did having it all mean you had to give up your self? When did hard work mean typing faster, responding to emails and be constantly engaged with the cyber world? Let's put all that behind us and get to the basics. You have one body and if that body is not working to its full potential then all your hard work can be thrown out. So to compensate we live in deprivation mode or overall stressed mode. This does not produce anything but a poor immune system and if you are constantly tired over worked or stressed you will not be as productive as you tend to think you are. But you are home in bed sick not serving anyone especial yourself



How about we change that and come from a place of what you can have and what you can do? And throw out all the NOTS


My vision is to guide people on their wellness train. The train has 4 main cars. Body, Awareness, Movement, Spirit.


I am not a nutritionist with a lot of calorie facts or a personal trainer. What I am is a coach that guides, directs and supports you on your unique path for wellness, purpose, and abundance. Trust me Siri and Google don't know what is right for you only you do.


What I am is a coach that holds you to the highest version of your self, gives you the right amount of support and accountability and offers your inevitable success


Body – Becoming crystal clear on the foods that give you energy and the food that take it away.

Awareness - skills techniques insights that you are aware of your body what it needs, when it needs it, and to honor your hunger and fullness for optimal energy. Awareness that stress and anxiety are gifts to you and signs that you are craving balance in your life and how to obtain it.

Movement - We are meant to move --- not so much excessive movement, which is a deprivation –does not work when stressed anyway, But, movement and becoming aware that when we move we release tension and energy and creativity flows

Spirit- Self love, allowing yourself to know it is OK to be proud of you. It is awesome to brag about oneself but, not boisterous When you truly see yourself as the unique one of a kind person that you are everything just falls into place. We spend hours a day encouraging other people, working hard to get notice, being kind to everyone all around us and being what they call politically correct. But, we spend just amount of time negative talking ourselves on the could of, would of, should of's . Hmmm no balance there.


What I propose is a wellness, purpose,and abundance system that takes a unique approach to health and keeps in mind that every BODY is unique to it's own self. We will create more energy and clear focus.


Our society is in need of getting back to the basics and that is self love and self motivation and self care. You are the not the caboose of your train you are the engine and as the old story you goes it is not I think I can it is I know I can. Because I WANT to.



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