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One of my main challenges with finding Wellness was sorting through the mountain of information out there! I knew I had to reduce the toxins in my life, and eat organically and hormone-free for my BODY. I also had to learn to stop pushing my body and find MOVEMENT, not militant exercise. Finally, I had to pull all of this together to reconnect my SPIRIT and develop AWARENESS! (BAMS!) It was a tall order, and it took me weeks to find the information I needed. But it was worth the effort, because I assembled a wealth of useful resources – and I want to share them with you! That’s why I have created this page. It lists the resources that helped me, and I know they can help you too. I will keep adding to this to help you on your journey to Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance.

Finding pure, toxin-free products was important to me since my body could not eliminate the toxins that I was exposed to daily. I researched many companies and found that Young Living products – from essential oils to cleaning products – were by far the most pure and genuine ones available. For me, switching to the Young Living lifestyle was a lifesaver.

Spiritual Growth

Finding ways to love my higher self was a major part of this journey, and I have listed below the websites of some great mentors who have helped me, including Wayne Dyer, Mike Dooley, Darren Hardy, and Doreen Virtue, to name a few. I also suggest checking out their books as well. Also, may want to find the word of your creator.  You also may want to study the words of your creator/belief system.  For me, the Bible and its teachings provided insights. 


I was doing triathlons at my sickest, riding at least 25 miles a day on my bike and pushing my body to its limits to lose the weight (and probably, to try to run away from the pain). Then the light bulb went off and I realized that I was pushing my body constantly, but not toward any particular healthy ending. That is when I found movement. Movement – gentle, beneficial, deliberate movement. Activities like yoga, stretching, walking, hiking in nature – these are the kinds of movements that really build the body and build health and conscious connection. Below are some of my favorite movement apps. I encourage you to check them out. No need for hours in the gym! Find these apps in your app store.

Favorite Blogs

These blogs have great resources and some are just to make you laugh.  Laughter is an important part of healing one self.