Individual Coaching 


Nance’s holistic health coach services are available at the individual level and focus on uncovering her client’s inner truths, enabling them to find their higher self and live their purpose while releasing patterns that no longer serve them. Through her coaching, Through her one-day specialty-focused intensives, her multi-day series, and her 90-day inner-focused transformation Nance provides spiritual mentoring coupled with guided meditation, while providing action steps every step of the way, acting as a bridge to spiritual awakening. Special attention is given to forgiveness, gratitude, and self-love, as clients raise their vibrations. These sessions can be conducted remotely or in person.

In this 30-minute remote session, I will use oracle cards for you to help you gain clarity on a given question.  We will uncover the immediate past about it, what is going on with the situation now and in the immediate future with your free will, free choice of your outcome.

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In this 60-minute remote session, you will...

-Gain clarity on your true calling and path

-Uncover how the ‘Big 5’ areas of your life (Health, Money, Love, Calling, Connection to something greater) may be helping or hindering your path

-Receive an intuitive message as we tap into your Higher Self

-Receive a beautiful PDF of our time together for you to print and hang as an everyday visual reminder of your ready God-Given Greatness.


 We are all meant to use our talents to fulfill our God-given purpose!


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1 Hour 


Hourly sessions offer guidance on what your Higher Self is wanting. 





We touch base on the part of your BAMS! that wants your attention.

This is a great way to get clarity on one area of your life.

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3 0r 6 hour sessions

This hourly session package dives deeper into your BAMS!  We focus on different aspects of your life and gain clarity on what your life purpose is and how you can start living the life you are designed to live with Joy, Ease, and Grace.

Once you click the button it will take you to an intake form. Then I will contact you. 

3 session -$300

6 session -$600

In this 90 days transformational journey, we will discover what's been holding you back from having the ease and joy you deserve and break those bad habits from ever coming back again (in just 12 private sessions). We will create new habits that serve you and your higher self. You will be given the right system, support, and accountability to develop your optimal health. Not just nutrition but bring Body, Awareness, Movement, and Spirit together. All the while setting you up for inevitable success. Transforming you to the higher version of yourself.


12 week



Discovering You Session


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