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Have a One of a Kind Party!

Are you looking for a creative gift for some friends?  Do you want to have a really cool thank you party?  or maybe You just want to get a group of friends together?  But can't think of something cool or no time to plan it?


Happy Healthy Habits party was designed just for you.  Chef Sharon of Pepperwood and Health Coach Nance have teamed together to create a unique party experience.  

Step 1: Choose a Theme

Balance Your Blood Sugar Brunch

This party is designed to have a fun time with friends to "Kick the Sugar Habit" for good together.  Coach Nance brings a new fun twist on why we crave sugars and the science behind it as it relates to your body and emotions.  Chef Sharon will be preparing a 4-course sugar-free meal sure to please.  You and your guests will walk away with a new perspective on sugar and that eating sugar-free is delicious and easy.  Everyone will walk go home with recipes and 7 tips and tricks to Kick the Sugar Habit for good

Ancient Healing Oils

This intimate party is a chemistry, history and science lesson all in one.  Based on the Book "Healing Oils of the Bible" by Dr. David Stuart

This gathering will dive into essential oils and fatty oils as they are mentioned over 1000 times in the bible.  Your friends and you will be in awe of why exactly Frankenscense and Myrhh were given to baby Jesus.  How oils were used in anointing, wellness, and perfumes and what the exact purpose of why these oils were given to us by God the fist aromatherapist.  Chef Sharon will recreate foods that were eaten in biblical times as some of these foods also contained oils for flavoring. Guests will receive recipes, class booklet for notes and reference, and a sample of cedarwood essential oil and its uses. 



Toxin Free Living Party

This is a fun interactive party.  Coach Nance will show some tips and tricks to living toxic free.  From cleaning your house. caring for your body and enjoy an aromatic meditation to release toxins from the mind.  Chef Sharon will be cooking up some great wholesome foods that release toxins from your life and also contain vitality essential oils that are great for cooking.  The fun part is the DIY.  You and your guest will make a sugar scrub, carpet cleaner and mind relaxing roll on.  Along with some fun recipes that show wholesome foods like cilantro and wild blueberries for detoxing the brain and cleansing the blood. 

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Step 2: Pick a Gift for yourself for being such a cool party organizer 

Choose One

Coach Nance  2 Free Discovery Session to start your journey to total transformation

Chef Sharon Gifts 5 meals delivered to your home for 2

Step 3: Get this Party Started