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In this 30 minute Discovery Session we will uncover what is stopping you or slowing you down from living with Joy, Grace, and Ease.  We will develop a plan to move you in the right direction.

     Services To Guide You  

Individual Coaching 

Nance’s holistic health coach services are available at the individual level and focus on uncovering her client’s true selves, enabling them to find their purpose and higher self while releasing patterns that no longer serve them. Through her one-day specialty-focused intensives, her multi-day series, and her 90-day inner-focused transformation, Nance provides spiritual mentoring coupled with guided meditation, while providing action steps every step of the way. Special attention is given to forgiveness, gratitude, and self-love. These sessions can be conducted remotely or in person.

Natural Medicine

Nance’s extensive knowledge of the power and uses of aromatherapy coupled with her experience incorporating them into everyday life benefit clients ready to take their personal journeys to the next level. Throughout her in-person sessions, Nance leverages the power of scent and touch to tap directly into the emotional brain, guiding clients as they release what no longer serves them, finding peace, forgiveness, and a new ability to love oneself.


Group Coaching/Workshops 

Nance hosts various workshops, groups, and events online.

Online Goup Coaching

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