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Nance facilitates workshops remotely, focusing on various areas of holistic health.  Nance can be booked for solitary events or for multi-day workshops, and can be expanded into group coaching experiences. All content is tailored for your particular audience.

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Are you feeling a little lost on your journey? 

Do you struggle with finding the right foods to fuel your body?

Are you looking to gain a better understanding of your higher self?

I get it. I was there too.  That is when I started to unleash my curiosity and align what I like to call my BAMS! (Body, Awareness, Movement, and Spirit)

If this is making you curious, I invite you to join me on Facebook for a FREE 5-day "Series Designed Just For You." 


Over the course of 5 days, you are going to "Unleash Your Curiosity" and really get to know your body. You will learn:

-How to fuel your body for optimal energy

-How to grow deeply in love with yourself

-How much movement is the right amount of movement for you

-How tapping into your higher self can help you gain control of your lifestyle.


You will receive:

-Daily live group coaching sessions

-Action Steps to assist you along the way

-A community of like-minded people 

-The right system, the right support, and the right accountability


I have achieved such positive results using this exact method with many of my paid clients, but a combination of events compels me to offer this Series, for a limited time, at absolutely no cost! First, we are coming to the end of a very tumultuous, emotional year, and the negativity and uncertainty have taken a toll on all of us. Second, 2021 is the year to banish negative energies and re-align ourselves with the love, light, and positivity that is waiting to be embraced, so that we can move forward in faith, without fear.

The next series is in April 2021, and I am limiting enrollment to ensure a quality experience for all, so I encourage you to sign up now before life’s distractions take away your focus on your desire to receive this free, quality coaching series that will help lead you back on the path toward your best life.

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