The Art of Living with Joy, Grace, and Ease

3 Devotionals About Joy: 

Jesus Over You

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Hi, I am Nance...

I am your average middle-aged woman, wife, mother, and devoted follower of Jesus.  It wasn't until I turned 44 years of age, just healing from an autoimmune dis-ease, that I truly began to develop a relationship with God, Jesus, and my Higher Self.  Born and raised Roman Catholic, I can say I never even really understood the Bible and its teachings. When I started on my healing journey, I realized there had to be someone - something - out there bigger than myself.  I became fascinated with Ancient Scripture and the teachings in it.  I then continued to develop a relationship with Jesus. Writing these devotionals felt divinely inspired.  So I offer them to you to hopefully share my love for God, Jesus, Higher Self and be of service to you on your journey of Awakening.