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Nance Ciasca 732-687-2459  nancecoach4u@gmail.com  South Salt Lake --I work remotely

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A Little Bit More About Me

 I am so grateful you are here. I strongly believe that the food we ingest and the lifestyle we choose can create who we are. In 2002, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s). I struggled and fought to not let this Dis-Ease define who I was. After years of being a guinea pig for western medicine, I decided to take control of my wellness. I became a knowledge junkie and learned that the foods we consume can absolutely trigger an autoimmune response. After further research, I was able to create a food and lifestyle plan that actually went after the causes of my Dis-Ease, rather than the symptoms. I found that with simple changes I experienced big results, and am happy to say I am now 4 years autoimmune disease-free. I am here to spread that knowledge of BAMS (Body, Awareness, Movement, Spirit) so you too can live free of Dis-Ease. So, if you want to gain control of your wellness, have more energy, and not fall for fad diets and military exercise, then this is the class for you to create the highest version of yourself. Experience loads of fun and energy, and get back the life you deserve. We all deserve Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance!

3 Videos to find your BAMS!

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