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Nance Ciasca 732-687-2459  nancecoach4u@gmail.com  South Salt Lake --I work remotely

Level It Up - Coaching for Teens

Please watch this short 8-minute video about my background and

"Level It Up" coaching 

"Level It Up" was designed to give teens the support and accountability to enhance their purpose.  The right system to set them up for inevitable success. All the while giving them the awareness to have the confidence to be the best version of their self. 

Key Components

-Uncover the Big Motivational Factor (BMF) - The "Why" they want to "Level It Up".

-Create a clear understanding of balancing your blood sugar to keep you at your peak performance the whole round.

-Discover the high energy and low energy foods that work for your unique body and the importance of water/hydration.

-Breathing techniques and meditation to use to calm the central nervous system to give a clear focus.

-Learn the importance of confidence when speaking about their talent - not boasting.

-Walk away with new tips and tricks to create new habits to bringing your whole being together physically, mentally, and emotionally.



Free Discovery Session
1 hr
Discovery Session

My daughter attended a 4 day coaching session put on by the Utah PGA this winter. Nance taught her so much and I was so impressed that I asked her to do a similar session for the High School Boys and Girls Golf teams that I coach. She did such an amazing job! She connected with the kids and inspired them! She gave them mental tools to add to their golf games as well as food suggestions to fuel their bodies. We had our first 2 region matches this weekend and I was so excited to see how the girls used what Nance taught them. They were more positive than they have ever been and the food choices they made to carry them throughout their rounds was impressive! I believe this aided in our wins for both tournaments with all 7 of our girls placing individually!! Through this first hand experience I highly recommend Nance!


Kacey DeMond

Golf Coach, Teacher and Mom

Kacey DeMond

Morgan, Utah

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