Natural Medicine


Nance’s extensive knowledge of the power and uses of aromatherapy coupled with her experience incorporating them into everyday life benefits clients ready to take their personal journeys to the next level. Throughout her in-person sessions, Nance leverages the power of scent and touch to tap directly into the emotional brain, guiding clients as they release what no longer serves them, finding peace, forgiveness, and a new ability to love oneself.  

The is a free consultation is designed to help balance and enhance your wellness.  Nance will guide you through the art of using essential oils.  You will end with a clear plan on what exact essential oils will help you with your BAMS! (Body, Awareness, Movement, and Spirit)

Once you click the button you will be asked to fill out a brief intake form so we can dive right into your 1-hour session.  This can be remotely or in person.

Feelings release sesson

Nance will guide you to release feelings that no longer serve you.  By focusing on fixing your feelings, you can fix most aspects of your life–physical, mental, and spiritual. Essential oils are perfect vehicles to help you in this task because their molecules pass directly to the emotional brain and can bring us into contact with the issues we have long forgotten and enable us to deal with them and resolve them once and for all. When we clear our emotional baggage, we clear the way to manifest our true and highest potential.  This session is in person.



Aromatherapy consultation