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Nance Ciasca 732-687-2459  nancecoach4u@gmail.com  South Salt Lake --I work remotely

 Join the Re-booters Community

all through Facebook


Gets You everything below and a Re-booted body to enjoy the New Year.  

Description Why Join (for all men, women, and teens)


When I was finally overcoming my autoimmune disease), I realized my Body, Awareness, Movement, and Spirit all needed a little reboot. I was autoimmune-free but internally I still felt the effects of some toxins (environmental and emotional), so I knew I still needed a little reboot. But I refused to do any program with the word "cleanse" in it - the word just freaks me out. Then through my coaching, I found the 14-day Reboot, with its simple yet super-effective plan: Eating tons of good food while taking the time to reboot and reset your body, mind, and spirit. After my 14 days, I was reset and felt totally at ease with my whole self. I have since led scores of others on their own 14-Day Reboots, and I am now offering my next session. Come join us as we get ready to ease into the end of the year. There’s no better time! Trust me - this will be fun and I will set you up for inevitable success.


What to Expect


You will be part of a closed Facebook group with like mined re-booters. We will be an active group to support you with Body, Awareness, Movement, and Spirit.


Day1-2: Prepping your kitchen, your house, your schedule to be all about you even in your hectic world. Because if we can not make it work within our daily lives then it would not be fun and who would want to do it.


Day 3-9: Eating Your Reboot foods and a lot of it.


Day 10-14: Discover what works for you by putting foods and normal activities back in your life to see what really serves you and gives you energy and what takes it away.

What you will Receive


  1. 28-page colorful booklet with everything you need to succeed in it (recipes, pampering, journal etc..)

  2. Support, Support, and Fun (if it can not be fun why do it)

  3. Facebook live tips and tricks and two meditation nights. Plus added bonus of PREPPING With Chef Sharon

  4. Ways to get the whole family involved

  5. History, Science and Chemistry lessons on how our BAMS! Works. You know me I like adding all that.

  6. Unlimited access to “Ask the Coach” through Facebook

  7. FREE one-on-one Coaching Session to make a plan to keep your body Rejoicing after all you have done for it.


January 12--26

15 minutes on why

Restart-Reboot Your Body

and what to expect